Monday, May 14, 2012

The end is near!

And to celebrate, we had a cast decorating party. 

I know, probably mean of me to have not let the kids do this weeks ago, but honestly I had forgotten about doing it and no one had mentioned anything till this past weekend when we were talking about the cast coming off so soon.  

(no his diaper isn't full, just falling out) 

Baby girl has a name now, so she signed too.

Yep, keeping it under wraps till she arrives.

And of course, some of the marker ended up on my shirt.  Still not sure why I ever wear white.

Tomorrow, the cast comes OFF!!!



XLMIC said...

So....ummmm... did you know that the picture where you say "baby girl has a name so she signed it, too" is blurry? O. That was intentional? right... darn!

Kelsey said...

you are dead!!!!!!!!!!!