Thursday, August 25, 2011


I don't remember the day I first went running.  I know it was late February or early March of 2009, but that's all I know.  I was able to run all the way to the fire station before I had to take a break to walk.  That fire station is a just a little further than a whopping half of a mile from my house.  Oy.
But it was a start.

Today, August 25th, is one "Runiversary" I do remember.
Because last year on August 25th I went for my first run after Sam's birth.

My facebook status from this day last year read:
Only 2 miles, but not too slow, and it felt goooood!
The redistribution of weight is a little awkward, but oh well. :P

I had waited the full three weeks that I promised Aaron I would wait.  He made me promise that within hours of Sam's birth.  I was so ready to run.  Not so ready to be away from Sam, but he was very cooperative and slept through my short run.  It was two very liberating miles.

To celebrate today I logged what has now become my "short" run of the week, five miles.  I had to run it on the treadmill, but hey, Sam was very cooperative and slept through my short run.

It was a treat to be able to run through most of that pregnancy.  For a million different reasons, some of which make no sense unless you are a runner.  It's also a treat to see where my running has gone in the past year.  From building back up post-delivery, to dealing with injury that allowed me log only 20 miles in the entire month of February, to long runs that are now longer than my total mileage for the month of February.
Man, what a difference a year makes...



XLMIC said...

Happy Runiversary! Of course Sam was cooperative... he is the magic baby :)