Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Peer Pressure

How very appropriate that this post falls in the first week of school.

Everyone gets pressured somewhere along the lines.  We hope our kids are strong enough to stand up to the negative peer pressure, and be a force for good.  We hope that they will be confident and strong enough in their beliefs and values to hold to to what is right.

Wait, let me back up a little bit.

I got my ears pierced on my 12th birthday.  Not sure where that rule came from, but it's just the way it was.  We have adhered to the same rule in our family, which means that Malia got her ears pierced for her birthday last year.  Being 12 pretty much guarantees being responsible enough to be the one who can worry about turning the studs in the beginning, cleaning them appropriately, not losing earrings....all that jazz.
And yes, Alaina is still dying that she has to wait another two years and two months.  And as of today, eight days.  Not that she's counting.

Pierced ears freak my mother out.  She didn't want to have to deal with ours (mine and my sister's) when we got them done so I guess it's a good thing they made us wait.  I remember when my grandma's got infected and my mom was trying to help her with them.....more distinctly I remember my mom turning green and gagging and heaving as she tried to help with them.  It was kind of comical.

My mom took my girls out on Saturday night.  A little back to school date.  Malia is all about building her earring options right now so they stopped in at Target where she found her most recent favorite pair, and then went to Claire's because "they were having an awesome sale!"
When they came home they were all in a fit of giggles.
Even my mom.
And they all kept giving me that expectant stare, that one that screams "come on...notice so we don't have to spell it out!  figure it out!  soon!  or we might explode!"
It seemed a little odd, but took me a second to catch on.

And then I did.
No.  Surely it couldn't be.

Apparently, it could.

We all know that grandmas get wrapped around those little grand childrens' fingers entirely too easily.  Apparently the bigger those children get, the tighter the grasp.

My mother succumbed to pressure from my daughters.  And pierced her ears.  At least she stayed true to the "not till you're 12 rule", you know, since she's 50 something now.

I still can't decide if I'm terribly impressed or mildly terrified at the power my children wield with my parents.


Kelsey said...

it's about time! That 12 year old rule is way lame, way! You know you hated it. I say, let em when they ask....... :)

Trish said...

Ohhh boy. We have a pierced ear rule too, the start of jr. high. Callie (almost 11) has been pressuring me. But I'm holding out. For me it was a symbol of growing up. Maybe not quite like no dating till 16, but you get what I mean. Not sure how I would feel about someone else taking her before then. I guess I'd feel a little violated and undermined. But also like someone stole a rite of passage away from me. With Rachel, it was a special girls outing and we celebrated her growing up, maturing and gaining responsibility. I guess I really want to be the one doing that with my daughters. But that's my thing.... good luck with those girls! They've got the power of persuasion, that's for sure!

Catey said...

If they had done Alaina's ears, I would have been ticked! Malia's was a big night out thing that was a blast. I just found it hilarious that at 56 my mom was talked into it by a 9yr old and 12 yr old! lol

XLMIC said...

Hilarious! I hope she takes proper care of them ;-)