Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A new addition

Two actually.

Stop that, I'm training for a marathon, that's not happening for a bit.  One day people will quit assuming that everything I say somehow indicates I'm pregnant.  Not sure when being nauseous will lead to someone asking "did you eat something bad?" instead of "is it morning sickness?!?", but one day it will happen.
I think.

Our new additions came in this form:

Hear the angels sing.

It is a little bittersweet after my awesome washer repair recently, but the good news is that that drain pump motor that I replaced was still rockin'!  Unfortunately the bearings were not totally rockin' and seized, which then caused the motor to seize.  And while the motor is still under warranty, the bearings are not.  And they run about $300.  And it's not a repair we can do ourselves.  Which runs another $200+.  Which puts us at the cost of a new machine.
Thank heavens for hookups that got us a killer deal on these Bosch babies.  If they work even half as well as my Bosch mixer, life will be heavenly.

We also learned something interesting.  You know washer/dryer ratings?  Lifetime, efficiency, cost of use...all those good things?  They are based on 8 loads per week.
I like the number 8 as much as the next person, but we do three times that!!  New washers/dryers are built to have a lifetime of 7 years.  8 loads per week x 52 weeks per year x 7 years = 2,912 loads of laundry.  So machines are now built to handle roughly 3000 loads of laundry in their lifetime.  Our laundry tally?  Approximately 24 loads per week x 52 weeks per year =1,248.  Holy smokes!  And sadly I know there are times when that number is considerably higher.  If you've ever had multiple kids with the stomach flu or bedwetters, you understand.  If you take the rate at which we do laundry, that means laundry machines are rated for 2.3 years in our situation.  Since we got nearly 6 our of our LGs (may they rest in peace-yes, they, the dryer has been limping along for a while), I'd say it worked out ok.  Of course we are hoping for longer from our newbies, fingers crossed that we'll be pleasantly surprised!

In the mean time, there is something about new laundry machines that make this (hugely overwhelming) chore a little more enjoyable.  And I'm off to start another load.

Now if I could just learn to enjoy folding.....


Kelsey said...

so jealous! Those look like a dream! One day I will do 10 loads a day, just cause I can.
Enjoy. Are you prego? ;)

Heidi said...

My husband (who works at Lowes of course) says he hopes that you bought the extended warranty with all those loads you're doing! ;)

Laurie said...

Oh those look beautiful. I might even enjoy doing laundry if I had those... okay probably not, but they do look nice. :)