Monday, July 4, 2011

Hip Surgery

So Aaron had hip surgery 10 days ago.
Yes he's a few years older than me.  No, he's not that old.
Definitely not old enough to need hip surgery.

It was actually due to a congenital thing-the head of his femur had extra bone growth so it wasn't round and rolling in the socket the way it should and thus has ground out some tendons over the years.  He was supposed to have it fixed last year because we had maxed out our out of pocket costs by the time Sam was born.  We were able to squeeze in a surgery date of Dec 30th so we could sneak it in before the new year and new insurance deductible/out of pocket stuff kicked in.  Respiratory infection nixed that unfortunately.
We had to reschedule it for his longest school break which happens to be now.
Which turned out ok because he would have really gone stir crazy to be recovering from this in the middle of a super cold winter.  At least now he can get out and sit on the porch, or on the really wild days we walk down to the stop sign at the corner and back home.  Can't do that in snow and single digit temps when you are hobbling along with crutches.

Things went well, and he was surprisingly alert post-surgery this time.  He was super emotional and sappy which was totally cute, but not loopy weird like he usually is.  Not to say he didn't have his moments.

The drive home was fun.

It started out like this:

But had random spurts of totally out there comments thrown in along the way as he woke back up.  Good times!
 (his shirt says "I'm sure this would be much less fun if I weren't under heavy sedation".  I'm all about snarky tees lately)

He is recovering remarkably well, doing much MUCH better than I expected.  Pleasant surprise.  I assumed this would be much worse than his shoulder back in September, especially with the bone shaving/shaping, but it has been so much better it's amazing.
He did get bored sitting in bed like this after about, oh, two days.

That fancy little machine moves his leg back and forth.  Over and over.  Good stuff.

He was supposed to be on crutches for 4 weeks but has already started hobbling around a bit without them.  His hip is tolerating the weight of walking really well!  This is all doubly nice because since this is a congenital thing we can plan to do the other side sometime in the future.

And now for a picture!
If you are bugged by bruising, you'll want to stop now.

You were warned.



Just those two tiny little cuts there though and nothing more!  Crazy!

I was surprised at how extensive the bruising was all across his leg, but have also been surprised at how quickly it has subsided.

The real kicker in all this?  He's spent so much time hanging out in bed trying to occupy the waking hours that he is now officially tired of Angry Birds.  Wow.



XLMIC said...

Wow... tiny incisions... big bruises...

I am so glad he is recovering well!