Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Run, run as fast as you can!

Last week was a drop back week for me.  Fewer miles each day, and a shorter long run on Saturday.

Since there was less on the schedule I thought I'd try something new on Thursday, my rest day.
Inspired by Marjorie, I thought I'd see how fast I could pound out a mile.  She does this monthly to see how her time is coming along.  After that 5k that came out speedier than I thought, I was wondering just what I could do.
My fastest mile split on that 5k was 7:16, so I knew I could do a little over a 7 min mile.  I wondered if I could hit 7 right smack on the head.  16 seconds less per mile may not seem like much, but when you're pushing your pace, even five seconds can be a huge stretch.

I had Aaron drop me off out on the path on the way home from the kids' karate lesson.  Out far enough that I wouldn't have to worry about running over curbing or anything like that-I could just run.

I laced up, slathered up the Biofreeze, and reset the trusty Garmin.

It hurt.  I pushed it, my knees got angry and my ITBand yelled at me too.  But I tried to embrace that "the faster you run, the faster you're done" idea, and remind my body that it was only one mile and no further.  Just one.  So I pushed through when I felt my body trying to slow down and left it all out there.

In the end?

(yes, I know that's out of focus)

Check. that. out.
I cleared seven!!
And did you see that "best"?  Somewhere along there I kicked up to a 5:52 pace.  Granted it may have been for only a fraction of a second, but fun to see that number nonetheless.
My knees are still angry with me four days later, and I even ended up wrapping my worst side for Saturday's long run so I won't be doing this little timed mile test again till after the marathon wraps up, but it was super exciting to see what I was capable of.
Maybe one day off in the future I'll actually do some working on my speed.  Maybe there is a speedy runner in there after all.



XLMIC said...

That speedy runner in there just showed her face... 6:54 is going pretty quick, missy :) Great job!

~LL~ said...

you are awesome!

Kelsey said...

why on earth do you do that to your knees?!

The Balls said...

WOW! I need some of that energy and SPEED!