Friday, July 8, 2011

MRI, the next round

I can't believe it's time for this again!

Mostly I can't believe it's been nearly 5 months since the last one.  Geesh those months have flown!
Sam hit 11 months on Monday.  He was an itty bitty six month old last time we did this.
Ok, really he wasn't that much smaller than he is now, but it seemed like he was.

Ironically it has also been just a few days past the one year mark of the first time we received MRI results from that very first MRI when I was pregnant.   That feels like a lifetime ago.

Here he is Monday night just before bed in his MRI compatible jammies-that also happened to be appropriately festive for the fourth.
 So cute!
(thanks Aunt Kelsey!)

Bright and early Tuesday morning we headed in for Sam's MRI.   Since Aaron is still off work recovering from his surgery he came along.  It was nice to have some company this time.
Also ironic that the first time we took Sam in for an MRI when he was really little-6wks old-Aaron was home recovering from surgery.  This time he was actually coherent and not delirious from pain.  Nice change!

The 6:30 appointment means that we beat some of the staff there to the hospital, but Sam had a blast playing while we waited.  Didn't even phase him that he hadn't eaten yet.  What a great kid.
He LOVED the car.

Aww....look at my little puffy eyed bed head baby!
Just cruisin'...bein' cool like that.

Once we were ready to go we got to blow another 30 minutes getting prepped.  Hanging out, answering questions, the big weigh in (he has reached 18lbs!  Grow Sammy Grow!), the IV...all that good stuff.

Such a trooper.
And look, they gave him one of the saline syringes as a souvenir.

Biggest syringe ever!  This will make a fun bath toy.

I got to hold him as they administered the Nembutal again, so he dropped off to sleep in my arms.  It is crazy how fast that stuff kicks in.  Less than a minute and he was out cold.
It was really hard to see him out this time.  He actually looks like a sick baby with neurological issues when he's sedated.  The rest of the time we get to pretend that nothing's wrong.  But when he's laying there limp and pale, it's a little scary and all too real.  And you can REALLY tell how heavy that head of his is.  We had to be careful handing him off and it still flopped more than any of us would have liked.  Sad.

With 35 minutes to kill and a hospital that has an actual restaurant with a chef there to customize your order, we went to eat.
And then I took pictures of Aaron just to bother him.

I know he secretly loved it.

Mmmmm.....breakfast....  We had the chef whip up some french toast for Aaron and some eggs with veggies for me.  He was awesome and threw some cheese on there, because I like a little egg with my cheese.
Also I only had three pieces of bacon instead of matching Aaron's four.  That way there was less guilt.
Never mind the fact that I think I ate two of Aaron's pieces.

We hobbled on back to recovery as fast as Aaron's crutch would carry him, getting back just as they were finishing up.  Then in came my sleepy little babe.
He started to wake up as soon as they laid him down, which is not preferred.  Typically they like kids to sleep for about two hours from the time the drugs are administered just to let them get it out of their system a little better before they try to function.  Sam was just not settling down so I snuggled him for a minute, till he grew heavy in my arms and slipped back into sleep.

When he woke up he was his normal cheerful sweet self.  This kid is amazing.

And just for fun, a little snippet of him all loopy after he woke up.
He kept trying to eat that cracker and just couldn't quite get the hang of it!

So much his father's child, especially post sedation.....

Run down on the MRI results to come....


Handsfullmom said...

What a trooper you have! I hope the results are good.

~Jamie~ said...

oh my goodness catey...he's such a doll. i can't believe how far our babies have come in a year! praying for good results of your mri! squeeze sam for me!

Kelsey said...

he is soo cute, I'm freaking out! He is rockin those jams. We'll have to take twinner pix next time you guys are up :) I swear Cole only weighs like 19.5, way to go Sammy!