Thursday, April 21, 2011

It sounds like the setup to a bad joke....

A former NFL player and a Bishop are driving down the road.....

Last night I went out for a quick run.  It was short, but it actually was quick for me!  I kicked things up a notch at the end, logging my later miles faster than normal, 8:25 and then 8:11 pace for my last .75 miles.  Go me!

The path I took put me crossing the street a few times.

Which brings me to that football player and the Bishop.  My friend and my Bishop!
Driving down the road.
Seeing me running into the crosswalk.  At which point my Bishop was offered dinner if he ran me over.

Hmmm.....apparently it's been too long since I made Ifo a cheesecake?



XLMIC said...

lol... better get cracking on that cheesecake :P