Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Body,

What the heck?

I've been nicer to you.  Fueling you well.  Lots of fruits and veggies and healthy meals and snacks....and I didn't go back and buy more sixlets after that binge.  Even though they are like crack in a little candy shell and Aaron loves finding the little wrappers strewn about the house.

I've been getting more sleep.  Well, ok, I've been trying.  If I'm up past 11:30 I've been forgoing the 5:15 workout and sleeping in till 6 before I get up and get started.  See?  I'm trying!

I've been wrapping the knee.  The dreaded knee.  Granted it took me too long to figure out that my ITB issues were due to misalignment, but the fabulous chiropractor is working his magic.  If I promise not to wait three weeks in between visits during running season again will you pretty pretty please promise not to seize up again?  It is very awkward for you to just randomly stop working during a run.  I will also be willing to tone down the speed work (though seeing a 7 in the minute place was exciting, even if it was only by 13 seconds) if you promise to hold up.  Just give me 6 more weeks to get through the planned races and we'll reevaluate at that point.  Though I would be really happy if you will still allow me a faster than 9 minute pace, I will take what I can get.

If I promise to hydrate better, can we please nix the creepy tingly arm issue?  In theory this is circulation related and better hydration will help.  You have my word that I will not run longer than 10 miles without water anymore.
Maybe that will also solve the horrid side-ache issue that you've been throwing at me lately?

Oh, it would also be fabulous if you would let me see results from all the core work.  Not immediately, but if within another month I could please see a tad bit more definition and a tad bit less extra padding, I'd be thrilled.  Extra core work + cardio + better eating should equal results.  Don't fail me now!

ready and waiting to ice, massage and baby you on through if you'll cooperate....


XLMIC said...

LOL… you say what you'll do if she cooperates, but what do you have planned if Body tells you that, despite your intentions, she is still overworked and underpaid and is expecting a bit more compensation for her efforts?

Hope you are feeling fabulously fit soon :)

Catey said...

Therein lies the real challenge.....the debate between beating the crap out of myself or just taking some time off. But not till after the first week in June. :P

Kelsey said...

running is no buens...see!!! Hope your knee feels better grams :) (this coming from someone who has skip style arthritis)
Move up closer and I'll teach you some fun workouts!

Flavio said...
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Niki said...

I know I will be having the same conversation with my body for the next 12 months...oi. However, you do realize that you look amazing right?! Just so you know, you have given birth to 8 children...that is a lot. So don't be so hard on yourself ;) Just thought I would let you know. lol

Niki said...

by the way...I was logged in as Flavio the first time I wrote this...thought about leaving it, but I didn't want people thinking he was a creep...especially Aaron. ;)

Steel Springs said...

I hope your ITB improves quickly. Your body should listen up!

Aaron said...

Niki....I think you're a creep.