Monday, April 4, 2011

I did not pee on a stick

Or rather, I did not pee on the one pictured below.

Sorry,  full weekend distracted me enough that I forgot to clarify that that the pregnancy post made by me was in fact retaliation for my husband's blog/facebook hacking pregnancy announcement stunt.  Turns out there were still people who didn't know!

I am NOT pregnant.

Though many of the congratulatory emails were very nice, thank you.  And for those in the neighborhood who were concerned enough to make sure our Bishop knew our "joyous news"....actually I have no idea what to say to that.  I assume thank you for wanting to make sure he knew?  Yep, I'll go with that.  

I suppose it makes me a mean wife that I thoroughly enjoyed watching Aaron in a panic trying to figure out if I was indeed pregnant or if it was just payback.  Tossing the pregnancy test at him from across the room was fabulous, the look on his face was priceless.  And these last few pounds that won't go away finally came in handy, they were a convincing argument in the direction of swaying him to believe this little prank.    ("you're killing yourself working out and yet you still have the love handles-this would explain why those pounds won't go away!"  hahaha!  Yes, I did find that funny, not offensive.)  It was very entertaining to watch him sweat it out.

(And a big thanks to my pregnant friend for contributing-you know you have good friends when you can call them up and ask them to pee for you and they say "sure!"  without hesitating.)


XLMIC said...

Really awesome practical joke :) ... by both of you.

I would be so afraid to play that one... I would probably wind up pregnant for real within days as some sort of karmic retribution!

Kerri said...

love it...

Rheanna said...

Glad the joke was humorous and worked out well for you. I'm never one that's big on April Fool's jokes, but not sure why no one has ever had a pregnant friend do it for them in the's not like prego women are in short supply around here!

Lisa said...

Knew it and I am lol