Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Despite my procrastination, I did get my girls' clothes done.

and Alaina's:

Not too shabby for one late night, a Saturday afternoon, and no patterns.

The real trick is always getting pictures of the kids in their clothes.
Wait, let me rephrase that.
The real trick is always getting GOOD pictures of the kids in their clothes.

Once everyone is dressed and ready for church we have the traditional quest for a group picture.

Most of them turn out like this:

Or this:

or this:

Or my favorite, attempting to solve Charlotte's spit bubble fascination/runny nose combo:

(yes, those are hot rollers.  Yes I leave them in till seconds before I walk out the door.)

But we do get a few pretty close shots:

Taylor is finally getting over his issues with cameras and can actually keep his eyes open now.  Granted he looks like he's in pain, but it's better than the squinting and cries of "it's too bright!" despite the fact that we are indoors and seconds earlier he was absolutely fine.
Malia on the other had is in a solemn pose phase.  In addition to channeling her inner 40 year old.  Again.  Or more appropriately, still.
She begged me to borrow some pearls "because it's Easter and Easter is a special day and they are dressy and nice!", so I relented and helped her out with the pearls.  It resulted in a very June Cleaver look.  Which left me wondering why I didn't make myself an identical dress.....  Maybe in a different pattern.

Hey, June is highly underrated.
My siblings felt I was going for the June homage in my outfit too.  I'm very much liking polkadots still.
(also, note the turquoise and red together!  ha!)

And of course there is my happy Sam:

Prior to the photo attempts we woke up to a beautiful sunny day-the grass is SO green, the flowers are beautiful...it was so very perfectly Easter!  We had a late breakfast of crepes and a nice long conversation about what Easter is all about.  It's kind of fun to have kids take an active role in those conversations and share their thoughts and feelings on those wonderful things.

We did of course to the basket (well, bucket) thing too.

Aaron looked pained trying to figure out who belonged to what because I procrastinated too much to get names on the buckets.  But if I do that next week I'm not late for this year, just super early for next year.
You know, like the fact that we didn't dye any of those eggs I boiled....I didn't drop the ball, just allowing the joy of Easter to continue for a few more days.  Right?

Charlotte shared her OCD tendencies by creating a color coded mosaic of jelly beans.

Sam got some adorable new shoes.

(ok, the shoes were for me.  he didn't care.)

Lincoln is working on being a poser.

After a fabulous afternoon at church, we spent the evening at my parents' house with my family.  My Dad did cute baskets for all the kids, Charlotte is still toting hers around while with a sing-song voice saying "Pomps Ba-ket!  Pomps E-ter Ba-ket!"
The only pictures I ended up with last night were of Sam and my cutie patootie nephew Cole.

And since Cole is constantly on the run, most of the pictures of him ended up like this:

I did get some FABULOUS video of my older brother and my sister playing Just Dance.  But I promised her I wouldn't put that on the blog.  I'll have to find some other way to share the love.

Hope your Easter was beautiful and wonderful!


Rheanna said...

The girls outfits turned out so cute! Looks like you had a fantastic easter and you looked great in our turquoise and red!!! :o) I still need to get pics off my camera to post about easter...maybe later today!

CloughClan said...

Lovely! Did you make Charlotte's dress too? I love the style. IF you have a pattern I'd love to have it.

Laurie said...

Have you ever gone out without taking the rollers out?

You are so talented and your kids are all adorable. The Easter dresses are beautiful, great job!

XLMIC said...

I love this post! Makes our chaos seems so tame :P I'll bet George and Taylor were twins in a previous life. The aversion to the brightness and the pained looks... twins, I tell ya.

I laughed through almost this whole post. "spit bubble fascination/runny nose combo" *snort*.

And Baby Sam...what an utter doll. Nuff said.

Happy Easter to the amazing Catey and her family!

Kelsey said...

Love the post. Had such a fun easter! Don't you dare post that video....although, I'm not the one who whould be embarrassed :)

Lisa said...

SUPER cute! Great job mom!

Steel Springs said...

Happy Easter! I love the girls' outfits. I'm so impressed that you made them without patterns. You have a beautiful family!

Ashley said...

LOVE the girls dresses and skirts - you are seriously one talented chick! :) And hey, I like the curlers AND your choice of red and turquoise (I definitely would have commented on that one at church) ;)