Monday, March 23, 2009

Making a Happy Home Monday

It's Monday! and let's face it, my home is desperately in need of some happiness this week! Sadly, I'm not sure what today's project is going to be, but hey, maybe it will motivate someone else if my past few weeks of MHHM are out there. Maybe.

What's Making a Happy Home Monday? Scan back a few weeks and find out. (how's that for snarky?)
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So it's been what....three or four weeks? Yikes. Never fear-there has been plenty going on here. Like there's ever
not a million things going on here. But I digress.

Three weeks ago made for a SUPER happy Monday. 'Cause how can you not be happy at the Happiest Place on Earth?

Ahh....I miss mid-seventies and sunshine. These little tastes of it are nice, but I'm SO ready for this snow that's currently floating down to go away! And yes, we'll all wearing matching shirts. I'll explain that when I finally get around to posting stuff about our lovely trip.

But reality is, well, real, and we had to come back home to work and school and all that rot. It is good to be home. Especially after spending a couple of days with some good friends of ours in Vegas who make me want to come home to make my home a better place. LOVE these people! And their home is so beautifully elegant-and yet so simple- I love it! No overloading of, well, stuff just hanging out. It's like staying in a Pottery Barn catalog for a couple of days. They always inspire me to come home and clean out and dress things up.

So-upon returning home and kicking back into gear, behold the power of little projects:

First, the fridge. I skipped the before. It was kind of one of those things where I opened the fridge, screamed, slammed the door, opened it again, screamed again, shut it again, made a wish, then opened it again and realized that it never would fix itself. Even if I left that leftover dish of whatever back in the corner, contrary to popular legend it never would get up and walk away on it's own. Keep in mind this is shortly after returning from being out of town and I hadn't gone real grocery shopping yet, just a quick trip to Costco.

Apparently the staples in my house are eggs, cheese, lettuce and carrots. Oh, and sour cream back there? Plus a basket full of Aaron's food from work. (it has to be brought home every weekend)

Don't judge me.
At least I could eat those random things off the shelves in my fridge 'cause it is stinkin' C.L.E.A.N. (and I'm happy to report that two weeks later it still is. Woo-hoo! If you don't have 2.3 million children you do not understand how much of an accomplishment that truly is).


The pantry. Oh, the beloved pantry. In a perfect world, it'd be twice this size, but I'm so happy just to actually HAVE one in this house, I'd gladly dance circles in this baby if I could. (I tried. It doesn't work with the door closed. Just in case you were wondering.)


(keep in mind our staggering population of little people)

And the after:


But wait! There's more! If you call now, you'll also receive an extra-oh wait, sorry.
As I was saying-there's more! My dear sweet wonderful amazing indulgent husband made me some extra shelves! To fit these lovely little plastic storage tubs! That house my baking decor! Frosting! Sprinkles! Chocolate blocks! Many different kinds of chips! Frosting bags and tips! Flavoring! Etc, etc, etc! (Aaron loves exclamation points! So I wrote these contents this way just for his enjoyment!) Plus one box containing 5, yes FIVE, opened bags of marshmallows. Next kid who opens a bag of marshmallows gets flogged.

Ah, bliss. So much more wonderful than trying to stash them in my cupboard that my brood can reach and routinely enjoys pilfering. (
SEE HERE) Look at them up there undisturbed! Ha! They are happily hibernating until I break them out in, oh, hopefully an hour or so. (I'm being female this week (sorry guys) and desperately needing some sugar)

And last Monday, well, no projects, but a killer dinner and some company. Tried some new recipes (lasanga and apple dumplings). Well worth it. Aaron said it was the best food he's had in a long time. I wasn't sure if that should offend me or flatter me, so I picked flattery. Besides, he ate himself sick so it all worked out ok. ; ) And it sparked a week of good cooking, so we had a week full of happy tummies.

(Oh c'mon-if you'd had a picture of your midsection hanging out in photobucket, you know you'd have done the same thing! One day mine will look like this again too. maybe.)
And now there's a chocolate sheet cake sitting in my kitchen. Which will make a very good lunch today. Mmmmm.....chocolate......

So next up-more shelving! If I can finish things up today, I'll post some pictures. If not maybe I'll do a Totally Terrific Tuesday or something. Really. You'll LOVE this one. So stay tuned!


Lisa said...


1. Where's Charli's matching shirt?
2. Where's the milk? Surely ya'll drink more than that. and
3. LOVE the background ... wink, wink!

Catey said...

i know-about time, huh? lol

1-No red polo shirts in infant sizes. ANYWHERE. seriously. Hers has red butterflies. : ) Close enough!
2-Like I said-we'd just gotten home, although truthfully we only go through about 2 a week. One of the biggest bonuses of no doing cereal!
3-Thanks. What can I say? Someone I know has good taste!

~LL~ said...

Heh....Lisa...I was too scared to mention the shirt ;)

Thanks, are a real peach. Look at all that. i love the shelves....and a hint that I have learned. YOu can FREEZE your marshmallows and they won't get stale. when they warm up, they are soft andy yummy. (We are like you...have multiple open bags at once.)

And milk...we don't do a lot of cereal and STILL go through 6 gallons/ week with just us. I only buy 3 at a time because of the space. i don't freeze grosses me out to the core.

From all the little Hunt's in Huntville said...

Catey, you are so great. I haven't read a blog in forever, but yours is a pure joy. You crack my up with your humor. Thanks for making me smile today and hey I even cleaned out my pantry and fridge yesterday too. It must have been in the air.