Monday, March 16, 2009

Wait! One more!

But only because I was going through my email.

And there was an email of etsy shop highlights for the day.

And this was, well, yah.

You know someone out there was just hanging on to highlighting this product for a Monday morning.

oh, and in case you aren't a dog lover, this etsy shop has something for your feline friend as well.


Still not as good as the Spongebob dog costume that was featured on Headlines (The Tonight Show w/Leno) years ago. It still sends me into a fit of hysterical laughter just thinking of it. (Sadly, that version is apparently no longer made as a thorough Google search only brings up the new lame version that consists of a spongebob cutout hanging around your dog's neck.) But still, nothing starts your week off quite as good as a dog dressed as Abraham Lincoln.

Unless it's the Quote of the Day.


Kelsey said...

I saw a leprechaun hat for a dog at Old Navy. If only Sadie was here :)

Lisa said...

Good gravy!

Dustin and Annika said...

Hey I think that Abraham Lincoln hat would look fantastic on my dog! Oh wait, I just remembered he's a DOG! lol those are hilarious! How was Disneyland?!

Kelsey said...

seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE POST !