Monday, November 17, 2008

Well, dang.

That stinks.
*sigh* Got the cancellation email. Darn fine print covering their hiney's for "pricing errors". They'd like to know if I'd like to reorder at the correct price of $279. Hmmm, a minor $236 difference? Um, no thank you.

Shoot. Now I have to go find another car seat. Looks like Jacob will get to move up to a booster after all!

Oh well. It was a fun bargain rush while it lasted.


Kelsey said...

I wonder if anybody got them? That's the biggest pricing error ever. I'll try and remem where I found Hallie's.

Heidi B C said...

Ohhhhh NO! That is a downer for sure!

Aaron said...


I was planning to resell them and pay for piano and karate lessons for the kids.

I guess you can teach the piano and I will kick them.

Jen said...

That is just cruel! Good luck finding a replacement.

Ashley said...

I thought that it sounded too good to be true - that would have been AWESOME!!!

Becky said...

Hey, people with cancellations are saying they are getting emails from Target with an e-card for $25!! Make sure you check yours..