Monday, November 17, 2008

Beyond a steal of a deal

I'm cheap. Sometimes cheaper than cheap. People try to correct me and say "frugal". No, for the most part, I'm just cheap. There are a few things I'll splurge on, because a splurge feels great every once in a while.

Yesterday someone alerted me to one killer deal.
A car seat.
Love 'em or hate 'em, you gotta have them.

We are kind of on a rotating car seat schedule. About every year we do a shift up in the seats. Then we of course replace the ones that hit their expiration date. I will admit that I thought the whole expiration date on a car seat thing was just a ploy to get people to buy them more often until I saw a crash test with an older car seat. Sold. Now we are diligent about that.

So the point is.....??

It's November, and the oldest of the 7, yes, seven car seats that we are currently occupying is hitting it's expiration. It's been a lovely 6 years. Time for a new one. Currently, it's Lincoln's seat. So my option was either buy a new full car seat, or buy another booster, move Jacob out of his seat (he's big enough, I'm just not sure I trust him to stay buckled in only a booster), and switch Lincoln into Jacob's seat.
What to do......

Behold, the Britax Marathon:

(do you hear the hallelujah chorus?)

Why you ask, is the queen of cheap showing you a $250 car seat?

Because she paid $42.99 for it. And the shipping was free.


Heidi said...

Ohhhh... crossing my fingers for you as I've heard a few of these orders have been canceled. On the other hand, a few people have been told that the order would go through...

Here's hoping you don't get the nasty cancellation email!!! :)

Becky said...

Oh, I'm so jealous.. they were OOS when I found out about it last night. The one Carson is using will expire soon..

Anyway, hope it's not canceled!!

Heather said...

Ahh! Tell me the deal, if it's still good. I got a Britax Marathon at a garage sale for $50 and thought that was amazing! I really like Britax but never can afford one.

Where did you find out about it?

Catey said...

Heidi-I've heard that seems like those emails started coming last night and early this morning, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I did get an order confirmation email with approximate ship dates, so
I'm hopeful!

Heather-i found out about it from one of the online forums that I post on. I usually don't read through those things much on the weekend but happened to look at it last night-I was glad I did! I have no idea where the girl that posted about it found out.

Kelsey said...

super fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the call, oh you didn't call me!!!

Stacy said...

I never find the deals! Maybe it's because I don't look for them. That's awesome Catey.

Lisa said...