Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Tooth Fairy

We are late tooth-losers in our house. Our first child lost her first tooth at 6 1/2. The next one was about the same. We figured that's about where things would continue, but Alaina has decided to set a new record. She waited until 7. Apparently there was something wrong with losing a tooth at 6, so she waited until her 7th birthday for this milestone. Her body wasn't as patient as she was for a tooth to come out, so she is completely skipping that whole toothless gap thing-she already had two big teeth popping through!

(boy is that one of those goofy childhood pictures or what?)

One of the teeth she lost was actually two teeth. When her bottom teeth were coming in, one of them was actually two teeth fused together. Odd little thing. So she lost her double tooth in addition to a regular tooth. Yes, there is no doing things halfway with this child-if you're going to lose a tooth, make the most of it! Get three out of the way at once!

My favorite part of the whole thing was this letter she wrote to the Tooth Fairy. She is desperately wanting to write in cursive, so some of her letters kind of loop together. I guess that distracted her because she is an impeccable speller. (seriously-last May during placement tests she tested at a 5th grade level in spelling-yikes!) Not sure where she got that from! : ) Certainly not me.
Anyway-here is this little gem, digitally preserved for all time. My favorite would be the little picture. Apparently while I was out for a bit Aaron did some fancy work getting that tooth out! And sadly, she was disappointed when the Tooth Fairy left a noet saying that she didn't have a camera so she couldn't leave a picture for Alaina. She drew her signature sparkly silver tooth with wings instead. :)
>a onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}"href="">Her note reads:

Dear Tooth Fairy:  I have lost three teeth!
it's my very first loose teeth!  Please send Back. (and please send a picture of you!)
the first tooth was a acident the other one we pulled out on porpos!  one was Double!
(read rest on *fancy little drawn arrows indicating back*

She cracks me up!


Kelsey said...

Well, like I say...she might be mine :) I'm the best speller ever you know.

Becky said...

That's so cute.. I just love their notes at that age.

Aubrey lost her first tooth about 4 months before she turned 8. She said there was only 1 other second grader that hadn't lost any teeth.. it almost killed her to wait that long. LOL She also had new ones poking through.

Anyway, very cute!

Justin said...

That's funny that she wants a picture of the tooth fairy. She doesn't play games with the whole make believe things, just wants it proven so she doesn't have to wonder. Next will be Santa and the Easter Bunny.

Lisa said...

How sweet!

Mark2 said...

That's cute that she wanted a picture and also wanted her tooth back. So far my kids haven't been that curious about "catching" the legendary figures.

zoinatt said...

How adorable her little note. CONGRATS to her.