Friday, November 21, 2008

On the Train

The Potty Train! Woo-hoo!

Seems to be the trend in the neighborhood this week I guess. : )

I am very excited to report that Lincoln has made it through the day with no accidents. Hallelujah! Loving this! (and hoping it continues!)

None of my other boys trained this early so I'm doubly thrilled. Maybe he's just making up for his habit of dumping toiletries. (This month's current count 3 full bottles of shampoo and conditioner-3 of each that is-and one tube of toothpaste. Hey-it's still cheaper to lose toothpaste and 6 bottles of the cheap stuff than it is to buy diapers!)


Kelsey said...

Wahoo Log.....literally :) I gotta start Hal soon.
pluga pluga poo poo......peeing my pants.

Lisa said...

Yeah Linc!!

Malinda said...

Hey Catey! We miss you are both too much fun! Hope you are well and wahoo to the "Big Boy"

Big Daddy said...

That is great. For me those days are a distant memory. I do not change diapers any more. Lisa tells me not to get to excited, there will be grand kids in not to many years, but I am instituting a grandpa does not change diapers rule.