Sunday, June 17, 2012

Two weeks, three weeks....

Yeah, I know, still a little behind.
She's now already three weeks.

We had her official two week checkup on Monday (2wks 3days), and I was a little relieved to see that my scale must be a bit heavy.  When I had her on the scale with me last Friday when she hit two weeks she weighed in at 8lbs even. know that whole 'babies should regain their birth weight by two weeks' thing?  Yeah.  She was 6lb 7oz at birth!  8lbs?!?
Her weigh in at the dr appointment showed her at 7lb 7oz, which while still an amazing gain at 2wks old for some reason seems much more ok than 8lbs already.  (not to mention the fact that if my scale is a little heavy it means I weigh a little tiny bit less too!)  I know they grow quickly but that was a little too quickly for me!  At the rate she's going though, we should hit 8lbs by next week.  Wow.  Don't get me wrong-I am thrilled that she is eating well and gaining well, especially when we've had a couple of babies that have had a rough start with nursing and gaining.  But I would be totally ok if she maybe slowed down just a teeny tiny bit.

The fabulously inconsistent measurement of length shows she has shrunk an inch from the day she was born.  That ranks right up there with the amusement factor of the baby that somehow gained 2 inches from birth to a one week check.  Good thing that's not a critical number!

She is doing fabulously, sleeping well most nights (5-6hr stretch?  yes please!), and getting cuter by the day.  She is strong as can be.  It took Sam so long to be able to really support his head well that it's a little crazy to see her picking it up and looking around so much.  And I'm going to pretend that she wasn't actually moving around when she was on her tummy the other day.

She's lost that funny newborn look.
The tiny diapers are starting to get a little snug.
The bird legs are chunking up.



Kelsey said...

Ems! I miss her!!