Monday, June 11, 2012

Old enough to drive

Not any of my children yet.  Thank goodness.

Do you realize how close that is for me though?  Hello!!  My oldest child will be old enough to get her learner's permit in less than a year and a half.
Oh my word.

So what's old enough to drive?

Aaron and I.
No, not us, US.

Last Tuesday, June 5th marked 16 years since our first date.

16 years from the first time I held his hand.
16 years from the butterflies.
16 years from me falling off a log while we were hiking.  Right after we'd discussed the fact that I had competed on my school's gymnastics team, and did best on....yep, that's right, beam.  Nice. (he still thinks I fell on purpose.  I still feel stupid that he thinks I would do that on purpose.)
16 years from that moment...when we knew it was something different.

Which also means that last week on June 6th we marked the day after our first date, the day that he showed up in the morning at my door to apologize to my parents for keeping me out too late (yes I got in trouble).
16 years from when I answered the door in PJs with mussed up hair and spit dried to my face (I figured it was a neighbor.  Apparently I also figured they knew me well enough that I didn't care how I appeared at the door).
16 years from me shutting the door in his face after I saw it was him and realized how I looked.
16 years from me reopening the door and after he asked if he could speak to my dad I uttered the beautiful words "Do you have a death wish?!"
16 years from him actually apologizing to my dad for keeping me out late, then leaving, followed by my dad laughing and asking me "did you know you have spit dried to your face?"

The last first date.
The best first date ever.

Yes, I still drool in my sleep.



cookie said...

Who needs romance novel if you have this *sigh*.