Sunday, June 10, 2012

How I spend my time now

Well, aside from nursing.

Who can resist taking 48903 pictures of a baby every day?
Not me.

Have you ever watched newborns waking up?  They make the best faces.
So I end up with fabulous little series like this:

^ This may be my favorite weird baby face picture of all time.

Five fabulous days old.

How was that already almost two weeks ago?
Dear time, please slow down.


Anonymous said...

so sweet!!! She looks really long!! Sorry you had to deliver posterior! None of my first five have been that way yet, and I pray I won't have to go through that with this one!! I get lots of comments about whether or not deliveries are easier and don't they just fall out by now (and I'm only on number 6!) and the answer is no! All my labors have been hard work!! I think it's because I'm short :) That's what I tell myself :) Congratulations!! :)

XLMIC said...

So gorgeous. Just snugglicious to the nth degree. Almost makes me want to go for another...but not quite ;-)

Rheanna said...

She's precious! I need to make time to just come over and snuggle her---this is my favorite stage!!!!!

Sarah Bowen Shea said...

These absolutely adorable photos have brought a smile to my face--and a tear to my eye. You take such obvious delight in each of your children, which is such a gift to them--and a testament to you as a mother.

One (read: ME!) might think you'd be too harried to notice the little things about your newest little one, but it's evident that's not the case at all.

Brava, my dear.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

She is PERFECT!! Love the funny pics, must be shown at her wedding someday for a HUGE laugh!

Kelsey said...

love my Emers!

Jane said...

These are adorable and hilarious and I cannot wait to do this myself!