Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear Self,

Stop Comparing.  

You are not who you used to be.  
You did just have a baby.

It's ok that most of your pants don't fit.
It's ok that you're tired.
It's ok that  ten minute miles wear you out after 3ish miles.  

It won't always be that way.

So stop comparing yourself to where you were a couple of months ago.  Sure, you may have been very pregnant and still running longer and faster than now, but you weren't recovering from giving birth.  That really does take a lot out of you.  You forget that every time, but it's true.

And by all means stop comparing yourself to where you were a year ago.  Back then your baby was nearly a year old, not nearly a month old.  There had been months and months of work to get to that point, remember that.  Don't think about what the number on the tag on your pants was, or what the number on the scale was.  Don't think about what your pace was, or what the distance on your long runs was.  There is no marathon on the schedule this year.

You'll get back there.  Really.  But remember it's not an overnight thing.  You're doing just fine, just be patient.

Go ahead and consider it a productive day today even if all you do is feed your baby and hang out with your kids.

Now go love on that baby as much as you can.  She didn't get the memo that she wasn't supposed to grow so quickly.


diana said...

Love this post. Last summer, when my son was only a few months old running was so. darn. hard. I was well over a minute per mile slower than I used to be, but I also didn't run through my pregnancy and had lost a lot of fitness. This year is much better. My running goals are one motivator to waiting to have #2. We moved when I was pregnant, so it is so gratifying to run the same routes as last year (without any other prior history) and to be so much faster and stronger this year. You will get back to where you were. And those early days do go by so quickly.

Catie said...

Great, great post, Catey! I especially love: Go ahead and consider it a productive day today even if all you do is feed your baby and hang out with your kids.

I need to tell myself this more often!

XLMIC said...

Things that are worth having are totally worth the hard work. You'll get there :)

Deedles said...

Love this!

Laurie said...

This was a great post and exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you.

mom said...

I had a baby 4 weeks ago and just posted on FB about my day and the repetition of feeding and cleaning daily. I crave my running routine and weight training too, but I am also having baby fever for # 8! There is nothing like snuggling a new baby. I just think I am addicted to running and having babies, not so bad. Loved reading about your family running and it's great u keep it in the family. What a great and healthy hobby. Xo.

Anonymous said...

Loved your post - and know I will be needing to reread it in about a month when I am postpartum and really feeling it!! Just two weeks left til my official duedate with number 6, but I'm ready anytime now - in roder to have that cute bundle of joy as well as to get to start the journey back to normalcy :) Keep at it!!