Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just how OLD are you?

Each semester Aaron and I have the opportunity to speak for an Adult Roles class at Oly High. It started out years ago as us being a part of a panel of guests to speak on marriage. After a few years it evolved into just us coming and talking for over an hour! What a shock, huh? Well, we missed out last semester since the teacher was having some surgery and some of the things that typically get discussed in a class full of teenagers can be iffy. We weren't about to tackle "iffy" in a public school without someone who knew us well backing us up just in case. And of course, with us there is ALWAYS a just in case....

So this morning was the beloved class again. I'm sure there is nothing more fun to a group of 20 teenagers than "adult roles and responsibilities" at 7:30 in the morning. Which now that I've typed that and read it is quite profound; most adults I know don't typically enjoy having to fill their roles and responsibilities at 7:30 in the morning! : ) Actually the hardest part of this morning was the hours before 7:30. Getting 6 kids dressed and ready for the day and OUT the door by 6:30 is a bit of a challenge. Who'd have thought? Thankfully Aaron was still home to make sure everyone was sitting up and eating breakfast before he left at his usual bright and early hour of 5:45. FUN! It was definitely an early morning, staying up until midnight (WAAAAY too much fun last night!!), and getting up by 5, but hey, we'll just hit the hay a bit earlier tonight!

Thankfully we made it out the door, just 10 minutes late, with everyone looking decent, and 7 dozen cinnamon rolls. Hey-bribery is a good thing. Especially with teenagers. Especially early in the morning. And we made it to class roughly on time. 10 minutes late counts as on time, doesn't it? : )

Class was a blast as always. There were some really fun kids this year who actually had questions and comments, which is always much nicer than us just blabbing away and crickets chirping when we are waiting for any sort of response (while kids drool on their desks as they sleep). The highlight though is the age question. Someone asked how old we were in each of the two classes we had today. Before Aaron answered, he had them guess. First class, some kid guessed Aaron was 50. FIFTY! ACK! YUCK! No offense to anyone who is 50, but when they were guessing me within a year of my age and someone guessed him that old, well, like I said, yuck. "Not that there's anything wrong with that!" The second class guessed us both within a year, so that made him feel a bit better. And really, let's face it; how accurate is a 16yr old boy really going to guess? I'm quite sure he was just throwing out a number! (at least I REALLY hope so!)

So-to the "not that there's anything wrong with that" comment. Someone better know where that's from. I know at least you will Kelsey!! I said that, twice, and they all stared at me. NO idea what I was talking about. We even asked, who's watched Seinfeld? Um, not one person. I AM NOT THAT OLD YET! At one point I used the term "scamming" and again, no idea what I was talking about. Ok then. Way to make me feel old. Thank you! I AM NOT THAT OLD YET!! Although it is kind of frightening to think about the fact that I was already a teenager when most of these kids were born. yikes.

Apparently I'm getting older than I thought. It's entirely too soon for that. 30 did not feel old to me until this morning. Scary. (and just for the record, NO I'm not 30 yet! I still have 9 months of 29 left!)

Thankfully the kids were amazingly good, possibly due to the fact that they were all still half-asleep! Or at least that the oldest three got to skip school this morning to tag along with us. Nothing like being stuck in an office to watch movies while your parents discuss things with teenagers. Things they don't want you to overhear and ask about just yet!

Looking forward to next semester. And maybe we'll drag another couple along with us next time to really liven things up! ; )


Kelsey said...

Please tell me you really said "scamming"!!! I am peeing. That word is so 1994-97. I would've stared at you too :) The new word is "slaying". I know, sounds weird. And a gfriend/bfriend is called a WEEM. Yes, I am still cool. I still can't believe you used that word......not that there's anything wrong with that! he he I am funny! Tippy Toe!

Ashley said...

I am glad that you guys had good time - and I still need to get your recipe for the cinnamon rolls! Love them!

Celeste said...

Ok, so I must be really old because I didn't realize that "scamming" wasn't still being used. And words like "slaying", which to me means "killing", and a "weem"?!? Come on now??? What the heck is that?!?! It sound like a word for some sort of worm or caterpillar or something! Anyway, I admit at 34years old, I am old!! Especially in my neighborhood :) I think I may go online and look up current "cool" words so that I can ensure that I remain "hip" & "beastly" :)