Friday, September 14, 2007

The princiPAL is your friend

This is the only way I ever remember the difference between "principle" and "principal". No, I'm not dumb. I do know the difference in definitions of the two, but spelling isn't exactly my strongest suit! But as cheesy as it sounds, this came to mind this afternoon when the girls came home and related what had happened after school.

The kids got home today, and poor Alaina was fighting tears. Hoping desperately that it wasn't related to the recent switch to first grade, I was relieved to hear that is was only a missing backpack! I say *only*, but this girl was SO excited to get her very own backpack for school. Especially one that was purple! She was just so devastated at the thought of no longer having it that she couldn't quite figure out what to do.

I asked what was wrong and she told me it was missing. Apparently when she went to get it out of her cubby after school it was gone. I asked if she had talked to her teacher about it, she said that she had and Mrs. Taylor had reminded her the appointed cubby number for her things and suggested she check again. Well, it really wasn't there. I asked the kids if they'd go back to look for it, while telling Alaina that someone likely took it on accident, and that as it had her name and phone number in it we would hopefully find it. Hopefully if it didn't turn up then someone would bring it back on Monday. The girls went back to school and looked, checking the lost and found repeatedly. A sweet person in the office even announced over the intercom that there was a missing purple backpack! Then came the part that made me very happy to hear. The girls were looking through all the common areas in the school, and Mr. Conley, the principal, came and helped them look! How wonderful is that? I have only met him briefly one time, and while he certainly seemed like a nice person, it was really very generous of his to take extra time after his day was finished to help my girls in their quest for a 5yr old's backpack.

There is a happy ending-after checking everywhere and not turning up anything, they checked the lost and found one last time, and there it was! Talk about relief for a little girl who loves her purple backpack!

And what a nice reassurance for a mom; that the man running the school to which she has entrusted her most precious treasures is willing to go the extra mile for the kids over whom he presides, so much as to searching with a broken-hearted first grader until she found what she needed.

Thank you Mr. Conley!


Kelsey said...

Oh good! I'm glad it was found

Justin said...

What a nice principal. It was good to read all your posts. It makes the day go by much faster to read the entertainment :) Much better than reading up on celbrity gossip (but hey we have Aaron to fill us in on that :)