Friday, September 14, 2007

School Days, Part 3

My, how the time flies. It seems like just yesterday my little Alaina was starting Kindergarten, and now she's off to first grade already!


It WAS nearly yesterday!

After staring this entire process back in May, we FINALLY got some answers from all appropriate parties. After two weeks in K, her teacher realized that it just wasn't a good fit. We had a meeting. She then met with the principal. I then met with the principal. He then got with whatever district people needed to be involved. And on Wednesday afternoon we finally got the big thumbs up!

On Thursday morning Alaina started first grade! Though I will very dearly miss Mrs. Weber (her most extremely amazing K teacher), she has promised me that she won't be going anywhere, so if Jacob does K next year we should be able to sneak our way into one of her classes. Alaina's new teacher is Mrs. Taylor. She seems absolutely wonderful from the five mintues I spent with her, and from the reports of two wonderful days that Alaina has brought home. Alaina was thrilled to find that Rebecca and McKenzie are in her class, and before I even left her there that first morning she already had a half a dozen new friends. While she still says there is a lot of free time and play-like activities, I know this will be much closer to her level than K was. The last comments I heard were that she would fit in better academically in second grade, but with her age, size, and the fact that Taylor is in second grade, to us that really isn't an option.

So far so good-and she is especially loving that she gets to eat lunch at school! : ) I am loving that she has a lot of friends to walk to and from school with (including her siblings), and that she feels like she fits in well and has friends there.

On the school front life is good, the kids are adjusting well. Though I have heard comments from them about what they liked better about homeschool, they genuinely seem to be enjoying most of what they are doing now. Let's hope this keeps up for the remainer of the year!