Thursday, September 6, 2007

School Days Part 2

And yet another first day of school!

(and yes-I do realize that I am days behind! This sort of thing happens when your husband takes apart ALL of your computers, decides to get a mac, and you are too, um, lazy? intimidated? we'll go with BUSY to learn how to use it yet)

Alaina started Kindergarten on Tuesday the 28th of August, after waiting for an excruciatingly long week while the other kids had already started. Her teacher is AMAZING, and yes, that is amazing in all capital letters! Mrs. Weber is a god-send, and the fact that she is in the ward is a bonus! What a treat that has been as we have tried to sort out the confusion of whether she would be starting first grade or K, and working through the process of deciding where she will end up. For now the plan is two weeks of K, then a possible trial of 1st depending on how the K goes. The evaluation with Mrs. Weber went quite well, she said Alaina would have no problem in first but she worried about Alaina being smaller than the rest of the kids-as she inherited my vertically challenged genes. Alaina is in heaven, and loving every second of school thus far. Though it is mostly play time for her (they are pracicing letters and colors right now while she is reading 3rd-4th grade chapter books during her free time). Mrs. Weber has been great about giving her some extra work; like yesterday instead of just practicing writing the letter P she sat with Alaina and gave her a spelling list of words that start with the letter P for her to practice.

It will be interesting to find out where Alaina ends up, and to find the right fit for her not only educationally but emotionally and socially as well.

So far so good with the school if Jacob can just survive until next year (and hopefully slow down on the daily "is it my turn to go to school today?), then we will be doing great! I look forward to getting back into all of my fun pre-school things to do with my little boys and getting them started in the next week or two.

Next up on the list: Teach Jacob how to read, and get Dallin potty-trained!!


Kelsey said...

FINALLY! Where's a pic of Laine?