Monday, January 6, 2014

On to a new adventure!

Sometimes life throws unexpected things your way.

Like your husband is content in his job (which hasn't always been the case), isn't actively looking to see what else is out there (which he had been until very recently), and then opportunity comes knocking at your door.

Or rather he gets a phone call, then another, then another and finally decides, "ok, let's see what this is all about."

And then it turns into a job offer that sounds too good to be true.
So we tell them that once we have everything in writing, we'd be happy to consider it.
And then get everything to you in writing.  In less than an hour.


Big changes!
New year, new job!  In a new state.

Aaron was offered a contract position for a company based in Tennessee.  Obviously this makes for a long commute when you live in Utah.

It was interesting how it all went down, and admittedly, how quickly it all went down.  He has been offered contract positions before, but they weren't things we were interested in for a variety of reasons.  At first glance this also seemed like one of those that we wouldn't be interested in for some of those same reasons.  But as we looked at it more seriously, talked about it and prayed about it, neither one of us could deny that it felt completely right.

So now we shift our routine again.
We are already used to Aaron being gone a couple of nights a week because he worked a couple of overnight nursing shifts each week in addition to his regular day job.  Now we just get used to a couple more nights without him.  It will be a blessing for him to not be working two jobs anymore, as it made for some incredibly long weekends for him on very very little sleep.  This job will allow a little more breathing room, and ironically despite the fact that it is a contract position and not a long term full time position (for now), a little more security.

Everyone's big question was of course about our moving to Tennessee, but that is not in the plans.  Will it be in the plans in the future?  Possibly.  If this turns into a full time job that is worth moving for then we would certainly consider that.  But for now we get to stay where we are, where we love the community, the neighborhood, the schools and our friends.  Could we love another place this much?  Maybe.  If moving becomes a real possibility, I certainly hope we could.

As the job kicks off it will mean a lot of travel, a lot of solo parenting for me, some working from home when he can, and some sacrifice from everyone for at least the next 6 months.  Are we nervous?  Sure, a little bit.  But we are very grateful the possibilities that lie before us, and look forward with excitement to what the next year will bring!