Monday, October 21, 2013

The Rumor Mill is a Grindin' Away

I keep trying to catch up on the past month to no avail.  Which is a bummer because some super awesome stuff has been going on!  Which I suppose is part of the reason I never make time to sit down and type about any of it.  Huh.  I was going to jump back a month and move forward, but I decided today to go the opposite direction and move backward.

So let's start with last week.

I don't know if it's sleepy town syndrome or just plain curiosity, but when life gets slow around here funny stories get out.
At this point it might just be that everyone is so tired of the local elections that they needed something else to chat about.

Back in May we had something amusing happen.  My next door neighbor grabbed me and asked if I was expecting.  Usually we cross paths quite often, as happens when you live next door, but life had been crazy and we hadn't chatted for a while.  After I had a nice laugh and assured her that I wasn't, I asked where she got that idea.  Apparently another neighbor a few houses down-one that I hadn't met previously-told her that I was.  Huh.  No idea where he got it from, but we had a good laugh about it.

Now to last week.  I got a text at 10:30pm as I was getting ready to finally crash into bed.
(I know the pic says 7:55am.  That's from the screen shot this morning.)

 What the??
Where did THAT idea come from?

Funny thing-the guy who was passing the May rumor on moved during the summer.  The new rumor?  From the guy who moved in to rent that house.  What?!?
Dear James and Esche, can we build it into your rental contract that rumors about my uterus cannot be spread by the occupants of your house?
Just kidding.  Kind of.

Apparently he was talking with another neighbor who was delivering something to his house and mentioned "the lady down the street with a lot of kids who is expecting twins now too!".

Well shoot, apparently that's me!
I know, you'd think "the lady down the street with a lot of kids" would be applicable to a bunch of people here in my corner of Happy Valley.  Oddly, not on my street.  There is one friend of mine down the street with 5 kids, but she was there when people were chatting about it and ruled herself out.
At a church activity last week that I was not able to attend people were obviously trying to figure out if there was any validity to the idea.  Someone reasoned that I just ran a marathon two weeks ago, and then someone else pointed out that I ran a marathon while pregnant with Emily.  Then it was pointed out that Emily is the oldest baby I've ever had without another on the way.  Hmm.....
It's fun to keep people guessing.
A little strange that people enjoy discussing the state and occupation of my internal organs, but hey, to each their own I guess.

So, to clear the air publicly, I am not pregnant.  And certainly not with twins.

But yes I have gained a few pounds in the past two weeks.  Standard post marathon procedure for me.  Totally normal, totally expected.  And I plan for them to be there for a few months while I give this old body a break.  So if I'm looking poochy, it's due to decreased mileage and more lax eating.
After a Superfantastic-with a capital S-running season coming to a close it is obvious that my body is tired.  I've been building mileage and intensity for over a year, pretty much since Emily was born.  It has paid off and it's been fun to see those results.  But after racing a 5k this past weekend it was painfully obvious that my body still isn't 100% recovered from St George two weeks ago and that it needs a little less intense routine for a while.

So neighbors, you will see me out running less.  There isn't a mysterious hidden reason why.  It's just time for an off season.

And rest assured, if there is another addition to our family at some point, I'm sure you'll hear about it.  Likely from someone who has met me.


Becky Jones said...

:-) This made me smile. People are so silly. Thanks goodness someone came to you to find out if the rumors were true. BTW your Charlotte is so adorable. I have subbed her class a few times but today she informed me she is called Charlie but that I was welcome to call her whatever I wanted. So darn cute!!!Then your sweet boy Lincoln came up to me Friday just as sweet as can be to tell me "hi". And then your beautiful daughter at Frontier I had the pleasure to sub, her name has escaped me... anyway maybe the neighbors think that you just create the most adorable kids so you should have a set a twins to add to the great kids you already have.

Esther said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had neighbors asking me if I'm expecting when it's the farthest thing on my mind. Too bad you're not having twins though. I have lots of advice! ;)

Esther said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had neighbors asking me if I'm expecting when it's the farthest thing on my mind. Too bad you're not having twins though. I have lots of advice! ;)

Anonymous said...

Six months after having a baby people always start asking if I'm expecting again. It's funny how when you have a large family people just assume you are always pregnant.

Unknown said...

Love it!