Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Good News, Bad News

Good news: I did not actually fall off the face of the earth after a rant about my uterus!  Yes!

Bad news: Every post I have scheduled for the past 2+ months has not posted.  Lots of awesome things are missing.

Good news: Most of the them are still actually in existence, just stuck in draft mode.

Bad news: Still working on fixing that.

Good news, I think: once that's fixed things will post with the dates they should have!

Bad news: if you subscribe by email you'll get flooded like they all posted in one day.  Sorry in advance.

Good news: 2014 has already proven a year of big new adventures!  So many exciting things to share!

Bad news: I'm leaving that as the end of this post, so you're stuck waiting to find out about our newest adventures.

Good news (I can't end on bad news!): it's a beautiful sunny day here in the middle of the January thaw!  And more importantly, one day closer to spring, which means one day closer to warmer sunny days more often.  Hallelujah.

(also, if you're really hard up for entertainment, or just morbidly curious about the crazy that is my herd on a daily basis, Instagram is a happenin' place to be!)


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So glad to see you post! I miss it :)