Monday, August 12, 2013

It's never too late to recap a Ragnar, right?

Even if it has been a month and a half?

Aaron and I ran our first Ragnar back in June, the original Ragnar, Wasatch Back.

Aaron is having a big running year.  He's already checked off his first 10k, and now his first relay.  Plus he has more on the near future....

It was a treat to be able to go and do this with him and with some fabulous ladies.  Three of the girls are sisters that we know, our other van mate was a friend of theirs who we hadn't met before.  Yes, that's right, Aaron in a van full of ladies.  It was fabulous.  Not even an hour into the drive to the start we had already ventured to a conversation about feminine products.  Didn't even phase him.

Team I Eat Candy Ready to Roll

We were van one so we headed to the start up at Utah State University in Logan.

We arrived in time for a quick safety briefing,

and then it was go time!

Aaron was runner 2 and I was runner 3.  I have to say I would be happy to run those legs again if I repeat this event!

It was pretty darn warm as we got started on Friday, but it was a beautiful day, and thankfully it was about ten degrees cooler than it had been the week before.  The views through much of it were fabulous though!

Aaron was excited and nervous about his first leg, it was the longest run he had ever done at nearly 8 miles.

Before I knew it my first one was wrapped up as well.

After the end of our first legs we went and found a place to get food before we headed off to the next exchange with the other half of our team.

The night running is interesting.  You never know what you might run into.
(I will admit that I was so very glad this guy wasn't on my night leg!)

So you just focus on the view instead.

I really loved running at night!  I was a little nervous, as this was my first overnight relay and I wasn't sure what the running late late at night would be like, but I loved it.  It was so great, and really kind of liberating to be flying along out there in the dark!  Also the first time I've used Knuckle Lights, which were completely awesome.  I wondered if having them on my hands would make the light swing too much on the road, but the light they emit is so wide that I hardly even noticed.  And they are super bright.  Definitely recommend those over a headlamp.

I usually don't sleep well in places that aren't my bed, but apparently I didn't have an issue falling asleep in the car, which Aaron of course had to document.

and I was able to catch a couple of hours sleep on a wrestling mat in a high school gym as well.  I wish I had a picture of that, it was quite the site.

Soon enough it was time to head out for the final legs for our van.  At this point I was super grateful to be in van one and not have been running those 3 and 4 am runs.

Aaron's final run ended in the perfect spot, a nice cold stream for soaking those legs as I took off for my final miles, 7.5 miles over to and then along Jordanelle Reservoir.  The first half mile is a fabulous downhill, though I realized at the end of my first mile that there was no way I would be maintaining the pace I had just pulled off (7:26).  It was also about then that I realized that this run followed along a couple of miles of the run of my first open water swim triathlon a few years ago.  That was a fun realization, until it hit me that I had to go up that hill.  3.5 miles of that hill to be exact.  I have been working on embracing hills, so I charged ahead with everything I had left in me, maintaining a decent pace, even though at one point I ended up taking a quick walk break.  It was warm enough that I tucked my shirt up for a little ventilation on the midsection.  It looked a little weird, but felt so good!

Our team wrapped up our runs and we headed to Park City where the whole shebang ends.  We found a gym where they let us use the showers, and then it was time to eat.  A lot.
Relay hunger reminds me of pregnancy hunger.  Eat all the food kind of hunger.  Crazy.

Overall, we had a great time.  Not sure Aaron ever wants to do the overnight relay thing again, but I am excited for my next relay, Hood to Coast with Nuun which is coming up so very soon!  (and I'm not going to lie, I'm excited that I'm in van 1 there as well!)
I was super happy with how I ran, and yes, I tracked my kills.  13, 15, 13.  Not too bad!

At the finish-
If all else fails, Keep Calm and Eat Candy.

And always have fun.