Tuesday, August 20, 2013

By the numbers

0 - Days until school starts.  Yep, today was the first day back.  *sigh*  Happened way too fast.
5 - Kids I sent off today
3 - Kids in Jr High this year.  Alaina, Taylor, and Malia are covering all bases; 7th, 8th, and 9th grades.

2 - Kids in Elementary school today.  Dallin in 3rd grade, Lincoln in 1st grade.
1 - Homeschooler!  Jacob is home this year for 5th grade.  I'm hoping he stays as excited and happy about that all year long as he is now.  Off to a good start, I am excited for what this year holds for him, and for me as his teacher.
1 - One more child waiting for school to start.  Kindergarten doesn't start until next week, so Charlotte is home with us for a little longer.  Chomping at the bit to get to school!

753 - Pictures taken by Alaina when she and Malia went to Yellowstone with my parents last weekend.  The girl bought herself an iPod touch.  She is using it as much as humanly possible.  Obviously it makes a good camera.  I'd share some pics but she hasn't uploaded them yet.  Maybe I'll let her guest post about it.  That could be...interesting.

24 - Hours until I am on a plane flying to Seattle for Hood to Coast.  Holy cow!  It is almost here!!  I can't believe it.  I am beyond excited to go and meet these amazing ladies and run my little heart out!

0 - Things packed.  I should probably do some packing today.  Ought to happen around 10 tonight I'm guessing.

3 - ladies that are running on the Nuun teams I have already had the pleasure of meeting.  Thanks to Ragnar Wasatch Back, I got to meet Holly and Lisa,
(stole your pic Holly.  Thanks. :P)
And I happened to run into Megan at the airport-totally unexpectedly-when she flew in for WB and I was there picking up Aaron for a business trip.  
It was awesome timing.
Also, yes those pics were both taken the same day, thus I'm wearing the same thing.  I do wash my clothes.

5 - Days I will be gone.  The longest time I have been away from my family.  EVER.  Wow.  I'm kind of freaking out about that honestly.  Especially with the timing of me leaving as school is starting.  I have no doubt that things will run as smoothly as they possibly could, and odds are they will be so busy with the first week back to school and having fun with Dad that they won't even notice I'm gone.  But wow, five days!  Mom guilt.

4 to 6 - Days that Aaron is on crutches.  Oh yay.  How fantastic.  Which is part of the reason I'm worried about leaving.  Best timing ever.

5 (and change) - miles run barefoot that caused Aaron to be on crutches.  Not barefoot shoes, completely barefoot.  He was 2 1/2 miles into his run last Saturday when he was uncomfortable enough that he just kicked off his shoes and ran without them.  Kudos for keeping on.  But when it's 85 degrees outside and you're running on blacktop and you haven't exactly eased in to the whole barefoot thing, it's really not a good idea.
The good news is that dr's suspicions were wrong and he did not actually crack his heel.  Just some serious bruising.  Imagine ten times worse than the ball of his foot seen here.  And the biggest blisters I've ever seen.  They covered the balls of his feet entirely on Saturday.  Plus the pads of his toes.  Plus his heels.  It was amazing.  The picture above doesn't even do the bruising justice.  It's crazy.  His comments on the whole thing: "I learned a lot on my run last Saturday."

20.56 - Miles I ran last Saturday.  In to real long run territory again.

46 - Days until St George Marathon.  Excited.

6 - weeks into the T25 fitness challenge I'm doing.  I'm going to have to repeat this week since I'm going to be gone for most of it and don't see myself getting the workout in today, but it's been awesome.  I'm reminded again that clean eating makes a world of difference for me.  Dang.  At the halfway point the abs were shaping up nicely though, so it's hard to argue.
I know that's an odd picture.  Trail running, feeling tough, that's when I realized my midsection was looking pretty decent.  Had to capture the moment.
1.75 - the number of inches off my waist, off my hips, and off each thigh.  In 5 wks.
2.5 - the number of inches off my chest.  Ouch.  Oh well.

Moving on.

11 - Little bags of some of my favorite things for my Team Watermelon teammates.
 I figure that way even if people think I'm crazy (not a stretch) and don't like me, at least I gave them fun stuff, right?  I'm kid.  Kind of.

10 - Watermelon toes, ready to run

10 - Sparkly Watermelon green fingernails

9 - Loads of laundry I have done in the past 24 hours.  Sadly that's not too far from normal.  Only 3 more to go for today and then I will feel caught up enough that I won't feel as bad about leaving.

837295 - Number of other things I feel like I need to get done before I leave tomorrow.   Most of them won't happen.  But hey, my bathroom is clean and my laundry is done, so I'm good, right?

If you'd like to follow along on the fun adventures of the Nuun Hood to Coast teams, check out #nuunhtc on twitter and instagram.  My pics will also be tagged with #teamwatermelon.

And now it's time for me to be functional before I take off!


Lisa said...

Ok. Those abs are amazing!! I've just recently started following your blog, so I'm sure you've mentioned it, but is it just clean eating and running that achieved that? :)

Rheanna said...

Wow, that was lots of numbers :) have fun and enjoy yourself! Your busyness makes mine seem a little less crazy, thanks!

Rheanna said...

Wow, that was lots of numbers :) have fun and enjoy yourself! Your busyness makes mine seem a little less crazy, thanks!

Liz said...

So how the heck are you doing T25 and running so much? 2 a-days? no sleep?

Catey said...

I have done other things; after Emily was born I did p90x for a while, but mostly I just grab from the DVDs that I have an add those in here an there. I like Turbofire too, and a couple of the Jillian ones. Clean eating makes the biggest difference for me though!! I don't look like that this week, because after 2wks or slack eating and traveling my body shows every bite I've had that wasn't so great. Dang. lol Back to the grind this week!

Catey said...

Liz-one of the things I love most about T25 is that it's only 25min!! I've (most days) been getting up just a half hour earlier to get it in. :) And I only run 4-5 days a week, so I still have 1-2 full rest days each week with running and T25. I've learned that if I try to push mileage ok far past 40mi/wk my body doesn't respond too well and I start to hurt. Maybe one day when I'm a few years past babies and nursing that will be different, but for now this what it is, so I make it work as I can. :)