Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I did it!

I didn't fall down, I didn't pass out and I didn't wet myself.

I met more great ladies this morning, we had a blast hanging out waiting to go on and chatting on the drive there and back.

It was a totally weird feeling to be walking around the studio in a swimsuit while everyone else (except the other models of course) was fully dressed.  My favorite was when people would walk by or come into the green room and say "are you guys here for a swimwear spot?"  Uh.....  I was almost tempted to tell the last suit that asked that "no, why do you ask?"
Darn that little sarcasm button in my brain.

And afterward while we were wrapping things up, I sat in a swimsuit in the Green Room and ate half a donut.  At their prompting, I swear.

I felt awkward just standing there, but didn't do anything overly embarrassing so I'll consider it a successful morning.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, Hapari on Good Things Utah.



Tara said...

Good job! I voted you :). Thanks for letting us know about the Hapari sale, too :).

What are some of your favorite Utah races? I want to start doing 5Ks next year and would like to do some more scenic ones to get me motivated. I did one at Thanksgiving Point last year and loved it!

~LL~ said...

"Now we don't like her!"


Love it! You're gorgeous, as always, my friend!

Cheryl said...

I was laughing so hard when she said, "Now we don't like her!" I'm sure you hear that A LOT. :) You looked amazing up there on stage in your cute swimsuit, and your super long legs!! The only downside was that they barely talked TO you, they just talked about you.

Becky said...

I wished that they had interviewed you. You looked great on tv! If only they knew all of your hard work to get your body in its great shape!

XLMIC said...

You look amazing, Catey. Am I imagining it, or did you whack into that lady on your right (not our right)?

You were the prettiest one up there. Where was Ashley?

Julie Arts said...

You looked amazing!!! Great job, Catey! Now why did they have to go hate on you like that ;-) You do make us all look bad, though...JUST KIDDING!!!
You are a total inspiration to all women/wives/moms to be their best. I have to admit that I've too often used the excuse that I'm too busy taking care of my family to look good for my family and it's a total cop out when I see a mom of 4 times the amount of kids I have taking such good care of herself! GO GIRL!! You inspire me!

~Jamie~ said...

You look amazing and I love how humble you are!! You're an inpiration to all of us and nobody deserves this more!!!

Kerri said...

You looked great!

Heather said...

You did an amazing job and held yourself very well! Wow, I can't believe I know such a cool person...marathon runner, swimsuit model, mother of 8, beautiful friend!

Conservamom said...

How awesome!!!! Congratulations!! :)

Niki said...

Way to go, Catey!

Celeste said...

You're awesome!!! You go girl!!! Oh, Hannah wanted me to tell you you're beautiful inside and out!! The kids thought it was cool to see you on TV...well, on my computer screen on TV...but you know what I mean! :) Congrats!! I may just have to buy a suit just to support you! :)