Thursday, March 13, 2008


20wks! 140 days! Officially halfway through the pregnancy!

Wow-I can't believe I'm already that far. And assuming that things follow the same pattern that they usually do, I actually only have about 18wks left. That doesn't seem that far away! (sounds a lot closer than "the end of July" anyway....)

So-in all my glory, here is the official halfway shot:

The frightening thing is that nesting seems to be kicking in...a bit too soon for me! So if my husband comes knocking at your door looking for refuge, just smile and let him in! But make sure you send him back before too long-I have quite the list building over here and I can't do all of it! ; )


Ashley said...

Would you stop with 'belly' shots - you are making the rest of us that AREN'T pregnant look really BAD!!!
You know you look fabulous!! :)
Let me know what you want help with in your nesting stage, I LOVE to clean!

Heidi said...

halfway!!! wow!!! that's fantastic!!! :) hope it just flies by!!!

Rheanna said...

Seriously, I can't believe your tiny belly at 20 weeks----I think at that point I was already wearing mostly maternity clothes because nothing else fit!!! You look great!

Aaron said... we have to GO anywhere?

The Balls said...

Oh hi that was my pre-pregnancy! You look fantastic and we are so excited for you! Only 20 more weeks!
-Brandon & Rachel