Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pony Express 5k

I love this race.

Though my first official race was a triathlon, this was my first running race.  This is an awesome PR race.  And I was ready to complete my PR set for the year with thisone taking care of the 5k slot. 

Something came up for me on the same morning and I missed it this year.
I am glad I took the opportunity that I did, but I did miss this race.  Especially since last year I was 7 days post giving birth to Emily which did not allow me to run it.  

But the rest of the family still ran!

This was Lincoln's (in the middle) first 5k, something he has been anticipating for nearly a year now!

It was also his first bus ride, which was something he talked about almost as much as the race.

Aaron is much more fun on a bus than I am.

And this is Aaron and two of his friends who he talked into doing this race.

The man could sell ice to an eskimo.  He has talked over a dozen people into running Big Cottonwood with us in September.

Everyone did a fabulous job; Jacob took 5 minutes off his PR, and Aaron took *8* off of his time for this race last year!  Wow!

I was also glad to see that they didn't all stay dressed for winter for the whole race.  I am reminded that I warm up a little more quickly than the rest of the world as I was thinking that the morning of the race was perfect running weather for a tank and skirt-low 40's and the sun just starting to peek up over the mountains.

The thing where the mom guilt gets me for this day is with Charlotte.  She ran the Kids K which was her first race ever.

And check out her form!  This girl is a born runner!

I love the look on her face when she crossed the finish line, and I am bummed that I missed it in person.

She hasn't let me forget it, even now that we are three weeks past the fact.  She will still randomly tell me "Mom-you missed my race.  My first race.  And I even ran the whole thing with no walking!"
Next time I'll be there my girl!
Next time for sure.

Only a little more than 11 months till I get to run this one again.  Ok, I'm not really counting.  But I am looking forward to it next year.
Thankfully I have found a replacement 5k for a speedy new PR in August.  Bummer is that it's a little bit of a drive.  Anyone want to take a short road trip with me?