Thursday, August 23, 2012

Emily's Blessing

We had Emily's blessing back in July.
I finally decided what I wanted to do with her dress, after putting it off for months.
We had almost the whole family there (we were just missing my brothers), we were on time for church, and I found something that fit me at 5wks postpartum.

(feel free to click the pics to see my kids thrilled faces more closely.  I didn't bother to edit the shadows.)
We kind of got pictures of all of the kids together.

It gets exponentially harder with each child you add to get a good picture of all of the children.

We even got a pic with all of the cousins!  This is all of the grandkids on my side of the family.

Uh, yep, that would be my kids and two others that belong to my sister.

Hey, those three pictures previous to this are all of the grandkids on Aaron's side of the family.  See?  We have to be overachievers for the grandparents' sake.

We snagged a pic with Aaron's family

And got that classic picture of baby screaming with mom and dad.

By all accounts a successful morning.

Things unfortunately took a slight turn for the worse when the fact that I had been up every 30 minutes during the night caught up with me, my parents had to leave before we got pictures of them with our family (no one even told me they left while I was back feeding baby), and a diaper explosion/changing mishap turned her beautiful white dress into a yellow nightmare.

Oh well, what are you going to do about it?

Here's what.
I have a minor breakdown in my bedroom.  (whereupon my angelic grandma comes to console me)
We take pictures with my grandparents and Emily despite the fact that she is no longer in her blessing dress.

I excuse myself and go take a nap for a while. (trust me, everyone was in favor of that)

I take soak/treat/wash the yellow nightmare repeatedly for 3 days until every yellow spot finally works its way out.  Except that tiny one in the back that will hopefully disappear with time.
I then take the dress that is finally fixed to my parents' house for Sunday dinner the next week and make them take pictures with her dressed in it.  Even though they weren't pictures from her blessing day.

Close enough.
Besides, I also realized that we didn't have any pictures of *just* Emily on her blessing day.  My brain really wasn't working that day.  We did at least manage to get these when we took pictures with my parents.

 Love that face.
And one day, I'll look back and laugh because all of the gory details that I left out of this little synopsis will be a thing so far in the past that it will be humorous.  One day it will all be a great story to tell Emily.



danette said...

I don't know why you say there are no other grandkids on your husbands side besides his kids. Your husbands mom is married to my friends dad. She has 4 kids and her sister has 2. So yea I guess they are not blood cousins but they are cousins. My husband has a lot of step cousins and they are his cousins.

This makes me sad. I feel like you think you are better than them. Sure they have different beliefs than you but they are still human beings. God still loves them.

So yes your husbands step father does have 6 grandkids. So yes with both your husbands mom and my friends dad they have more than 9 grandkids.

Catey said...

Wow-I'm so sorry you took things that way! I certainly didn't mean to be exclusionary or exclusive, and I think Becky would understand that. (I am assuming you are referring to Becky?)

This has nothing whatsoever to do with beliefs, just joking around-as is frequently done by everyone in my husband's family-that his brother doesn't have kids. Aaron's father has no other grandchildren. So, no, he doesn't have more than 9 grandkids. And even when speaking with Aaron's mom and step-dad, they refer to Becky and Amy's kids as "Richard's grandchildren". My children have never even met Richard's grandkids so they don't know who they are.
We have a great relationship with Aaron's stepfather, and try to include him on Father's Day, and the kids call him grandpa. But with both of my inlaws having done marriage 3 times, things get a little haphazard. There are halfs and steps and ex' gets amazingly confusing for my kids.
If I need to apologize for my phrasing to Becky, I most certainly will! If I hurt her feelings, which was-again-not my intention in any form, then I will gladly apologize for that.

danette said...

Sorry, I do see where you are coming from. My husbands parents are divorced so my kids do have cousins I guess they would be half cousins on his mom side and my kids have no cousins on my husbands dad side. Which my brother in law is married to becky's husbands sister. They have no kids yet. So I understand, I didn't think of it that way. That you where talking about Aaron's dad's side. My husband has so many step, step cousin but we are all cousins. However reading it it just seemed mean to me. Give I just miscarried earlier this week my emotions are all over the place.

Becky's kids love Aaron's mom. Becky said she is on of the best Grandma's out there.

Catey said...

After rereading what I wrote here, I phrased that horribly! What I should have said was I apologize if it appeared that I meant it that way, I certainly didn't.

I'm sorry for your loss. :( I talked to Becky this afternoon, it sounds like you've had a pretty rough go of things lately and I'm so sorry! You've certainly had a lot on your plate.

Our kids adore Becky's dad too, and we feel the same-that he's one of the best grandpa's out there! That's why in the photo of Aaron's family I called it "Aaron's family", not "Aaron's family and his mom's husband". :)
My grandma mentioned in this post is actually my step-grandma, but we consider her a grandma as well, and she is the only person that my kids have ever known as my grandpa's wife. It's sometimes tricky to define blended families! Like I told Becky though, she (and Richard's other kids) sometimes get mentioned before other family members, and we do love them and think of them as family, despite the fact that we very rarely see each other.

Kelsey said...

I am dying!!!!!!!!! I am dying! This is the funniest shiz ever. GAL!!!
Sorry about not keeping up with the 9:) Can you imagine?! hahaha
Something was in the air that day. My kids were rotten! But hey, great blessing, beautiful baby, good food and you looked fabulous. Boo yah

Kelsey said...

I am dying!!!!!!!!! I am dying! This is the funniest shiz ever. GAL!!!
Sorry about not keeping up with the 9:) Can you imagine?! hahaha
Something was in the air that day. My kids were rotten! But hey, great blessing, beautiful baby, good food and you looked fabulous. Boo yah

XLMIC said...

Kelsey is such a slacker.

(Is it okay for me to rib her? I don't know her. Can you explain? M'kay...thanks :) )

I love Emily's face!!!! What personality that lovely girl has!