Tuesday, August 7, 2012

15 Years and Indoor Plumbing

I got sick on Saturday.  It sucked.
After a completely awesome day, I started feeling not so hot.  A few hours later I was hit with probably the worst stomach flu I've ever had.  Every time I get the stomach flu I find myself exceptionally grateful for indoor plumbing.  Especially in the middle of the night.  I feel like I'm a pretty tough chick for the most part, like I would have done ok back in the Pioneer days, but boy am I crazy glad that when I feel like garbage that I can turn on a warm shower and just soak it in.  Am I the only one who has this little thought every time I get sick?
I don't like throwing up, I think I've mentioned that.  But I've trained my body to fight it for so long that now I get ridiculously painfully sick and don't puke till my body just can't take it another second.  Good times.
This particular evening I was sick enough that I was shaking and hallucinating.  Really.  It was kind of crazy.  (yes, my body quit fighting it at that point)
But sitting there in the middle of the night making sure I was ok was my sweet husband.  He was completely worn out from the day as well-a race in the morning and the rest of the day spent at the lake with the family-but he stayed there with me rubbing my back and making sure I wasn't dying.
After a few hours we finally made our way to bed.  I glanced at the clock.  3:38am.

What a way to start our anniversary.

Happy fifteenth honey!  Thanks for holding back my hair!

We always have grand plans for one day.  Usually for what seem like the milestone anniversaries; five years, ten years, fifteen, twenty...  Heck, if you missed the anniversary post in the past, you should see the fabulous things we've actually done.
I can tell you that none of our grand plans involve the stomach flu.
I can also tell you that none of them involve hanging out in bed looking like death warmed over, celebrating having kept two saltines down.
Aaron kindly told me that we would postpone celebrating this year.  Good call.

Since no post about puking and anniversaries would be complete without a little reminiscing and sappy remarks, here we go.

August 5th 15 years ago is kind of a blur.  A happy fun blur, but still kind of a blur.   I remember loving Aaron so much it hurt.  So much that I couldn't imagine a second of my life without him, and wondering how many couples actually feel that way.  I remember looking ahead and thinking "I will always love him this way!"...  I was wrong.  I had no idea what lay ahead.
I had no idea that what I felt that day was a drop in the ocean.  That loving him as much as I did on the day I became his wife would be only a small taste of what was to come.  I had no idea how much more I would love him with each passing day, with each challenge we face together, with each child we've added to our family, and with every sacrifice he has made on my behalf.
Sharing your greatest joys and your hardest defeats with your best friend is something that just can't be explained.  If you've done it you know exactly what I mean.  Knowing that no matter what life brings you will make it through because of the one who stands beside you is really the best feeling in the world.

Life isn't perfect, life isn't easy.  But it sure is fun with your best friend by your side.

And just for good measure, look how cute we were!

And now we're all grown up...

Kind of.



Aaron said...

You look great....me.....no so much.

Aaron said...

Hey....while we are dreaming about big plans....Airfare, Hotel (Ritz Carlton no less) and rental car for the end of August into the first week of Sept is only $1751 per person. What a steal! I WAS going to get it for us....but....well....you know.

Catey said...

Sweet! Sign me up! We'll keep dreaming....one day we'll make it to Tahiti.
Or you know, to a Tanning salon where we can close our eyes and pretend to be on a beach for 7-10 minutes.

Kate said...

Awwwww :) Holding back your hair = true love. Happy 15 years!

Kate said...

Awwwww :) Holding back your hair = true love. Happy 15 years!

Dida said...

Wow! 15 years already. That time has seemed to go super fast...but I guess you had to fit in all those kid-lets somehow, eh? Happy Anniversary! Aaron...hold back her hair and rubbing her back? I am sooooo impressed! Do you teach good husband training classes?