Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where are the days going?!?

Seriously. I had a great intention back in, what was it....March?, to actually catch up. Apparently I just don't care that much until peer pressure kicks in. Thanks a lot Ashley and Rheanna! ; ) Really, had some lovely stories to share about many of the wonderful mishaps we frequently experience here (read back on the quarter, styrofoam peanuts, etc), maybe I'll get there. And yet here I am after having blown off nearly five months, now being asked by friends and family where my blog is. Well-Here it is! Told you it's nothing fancy. The real catch is that now I HAVE to stay caught up so that people really get the details of my fascinatingly sordid life.

Catch up will have to wait for bedtime or naptime (I promise I will do it!), so I'll start new again today and move forward randomly moving back a little at a time. I know, it's hard to read a story when you start in the middle, then go back and read the first two chapters, skip ahead a bit again then go back again, but anyone who knows me well enough to be reading this is smart enough to figure it out!

Today I had the first of what I hope will be many mommy/kid outings with my sister. We strapped up my rowdy herd and her well-behaved, sweet, smiling, petite little princess and went to Thanksgiving Point. She was brave enough to join us for the Museum and the Farm, and despite it being crowded, crazy and hotter than hot, it was a good time! It isn't every day that someone who detests flies and chickens agrees to come to the farm and make kissy faces at the goats. And wishes that the pig wasn't wallowing but was up at the gate available to pet! heehee We'll have to go back again when it isn't 100+ degrees. Many packages of wipes and 6 bottles of Purell later (Kelsey....; ) HA!), we made it back to the cars with 5 children dripping in ice cream bars. Glutton for punishment? I suppose, but hey-it's summer! That's what summer is for! Pics to come as soon as I get them.

Well, as is the norm-the baby is crying for me so it is back to life.

P.S.-Kel-Bell, thanks for a fun afternoon. Let's do it again! Much love, "the skinny Mexican"