Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is your bathroom clean?

Mine is. Thankfully. I usually try to give it a really good scrubbing at least once a week, and randomly as needed-which unforunately isn't all that rare with this many kids. Monday is the big cleaning day. As Aaron's dad was coming to town and dropping by on Monday night (bringing us a boat! Another subject for another day), I gave the hall bathroom an extra good scrubbing. What good timing it was!

I'm going to tangent here (like that never happens with me!) to explain that my kids love water. I have never had to fight my kids to take a bath or shower. Most often I have to restrict baths and showers. My kids just don't understand why they can't all have a bath and a shower at least twice a day. OK-if you need it, sure! Otherwise I am not paying for that much water use! We live in a desert you know....

So-as Dallin also love water just as much as the rest of them I often find him playing in the sink. Whenever it gets quiet or we can't see him in the immediate vicinity or we hear running water, we can usually find him in sitting on the bathroom counter playing in then sink. So that is what I expected to find Tuesday morning when I heard him in the bathroom. Quite to my suprise, he was not in the sink.
Does this mean he's ready to potty-train now?


Kelsey said...

SERIOUSLY.....Lysol the kid down:)

Unknown said...

I'm just impressed that you had the patience and sense of humor to stop and take a picture. It does make for great memories!