Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sweet Tooth Sunday

It's baaack!

It's been entirely too long since Sweet Tooth Sunday was happening.
It's also been entirely too long since regularly blogging was happening, but I digress.

Since I'm in an indulgence phase at this point in time, I'm back to lots of baking and treats and all of those things that I cut out when I'm working to get down to a trimmed out place where I run faster.

I'm not up too terribly many pounds at this point, and I'm past halfway, so I'm good with a little indulgence.

This evening I needed something good, but not too rich, and super simple.

Found the perfect fit.

Go back with me a few years to the Coconut Cake.  Still completely delicious and ridiculously easy.  (There are pics there.  I'm lacking pics tonight.)

Since I was feeling the coconut vibe, but didn't want the heavy frosting, I whipped up some cream and added coconut extract.  Coconut whipped cream is fabulous.  You can actually whip coconut cream (like out of the canned coconut), but I had open cream hanging out in my fridge which saved me from jogging back downstairs to the storage room for another can of coconut milk.  Yes I was feeling lazy this evening.

Then the berries.  I'm loving berries right now.  Not super convenient when it's still winter, but at least strawberries are getting easier to find and a little less expensive.
I used our frozen mixed berries-blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.  Because the frozen ones tend to be a little tart, I let them sit in a little sugar for a bit while cupcakes were baking.  4 cups of berries and between 1/4-1/3 cup of sugar.  Just mixed it all around and let them sit and get soft.

I did have to taste it and make sure it was acceptable of course.

And then it all got thrown together.

(I'm super irritated that my external flash isn't working, please excuse the horrid shadows.)

Oh my goodness it hit the spot.  And the way the juice from the berries soaked into the cake...mmmm...delicious.

The kids all loved it, Emily (literally) screamed for more.  I genuinely felt bad for Aaron that he wasn't here this evening to partake.

But wait.  There's more.

My friend brought over some pineapple jam.
Stay with me here.
Her son is living in the Philippines and sent her the recipe.  Equal parts pineapple and sugar, with a little vanilla.   It's not thick like jam, more like a pineapple syrup.
Being a pineapple lover, and especially a pina colada lover, my brain instantly went back to dessert.  I couldn't *not* try this.
Coconut + berries + cream + pineapple goodness = almost inappropriately yummy.

Yes I had dessert twice tonight.
It was totally worth it.
Good thing my appointment with a weigh in isn't until Thursday!


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