Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Attempting blogging from the phone in order to announce the Nuun giveaway winner.  I'm at an amusement park spinning till I nearly puke and feeling older than I ever have before.  Still laughing my head off on the roller coasters though, so that's a good sign.   

Since I'm all Tilt-a-Whirled out, I've handed that duty over to my brother.  Uncles are more fun than moms anyway, right? 

Anyway-the lucky reader who will hydrating with a 4pack of Nuun is....

I want to try the strawberry lemonade, yumm!

Congrats Jennifer!  

Even if you aren't Jennifer, you can still hook yourself up with some Nuun fabulousness at 15% off using code hydrateHTC.  It's hot out there, stay hydrated!  Happy Wednesday!