Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

Before we cover some fabulousness from Sunday, let's hit the most important part of a lovely Monday.

I ran.

Hallelujah!  I had 4 miles on the schedule, cut that down to 3, still don't feel 100%, but felt good enough.  Decent pace, no real pain, just feel a little...off.  I have recovered some hope, but I have to admit that a mile in I thought "there is no way I could run 26 miles feeling like this".  Still 11 more days...still time for hope...
I have one for sure appointment with my dr a couple of days before the marathon, and I'm on the cancellation list for this week (please someone cancel your appointment!), hoping that will do the trick and I'll be back on track.

And now, Cinco de Mayo and me rolling around inside a giant inflatable ball.

(yep, too lazy to crop the tv out of this pic today)

I come by my desire to do events and holidays in a fun way through my dad.  Though life right now is crazy enough that I don't do that with any consistency (the year of the Dr Seuss party was the last super awesome year), one day I will!  For now I gladly let him cover it.  He goes all out when hosting anything.

Yesterday one highlight was definitely the costuming that we received when we walked through the

The food was awesome (Cafe Rio copy-if you haven't been to Cafe Rio look up the closest location and travel there.  It's worth it.), and the evening was rounded out with churros and a piñata.

Good times.  Lots of laughs.  Dinner conversation is always interesting with my family (as proven by the infamous Easter dinner tweet), the highlight of that yesterday was when my dad was introducing us to a friend there for dinner and mentioned she was from Minnesota.  My sister asked her if she knew Brandon Walsh.  Awesome.  Though I think this gal was a little young for the reference.

On to the inflatable ball.

Have you seen these?

I am so tempted to go get one.

Why does my hand look ginormous?

My older girls got to try this out last weekend when they spent the day with my parents and kept telling us how much fun it was.  I was super stoked to see that I was under the weight limit, as were my kids who were anxious to roll me around the yard.  Although there was just as much squishing as there was rolling.

So much fun.

For your viewing pleasure, the experience of being inside the ball with me.

It's a little hard to hold the camera while being tossed head over heels.  
But this is hilariously fun.
And it does give you awesome hair.



Kristen L said...

So much fun! Love all the mustaches!

ahuman said...

Check out this blog post on neuroscience.