Thursday, January 10, 2013

I found my cold temperature running threshold

Bad news:  It didn't warm up this past weekend like it was supposed to.
At 9am it was -10.  Geez.

In effort to get my long run out of the way for the day, I waited an hour till it had warmed up a few degrees, layered myself up till I felt like the kid from Christmas Story and headed out.
Half a mile in my face mask was frozen stiff.
One mile out I was done.  Wasn't happening!
Of course that meant I had another mile to go to get back home, but that meant two less dreadmill miles.

Turns out it was still pretty cold.  -6 is officially too cold for me when it comes to running.

Pardon my finger in the way, it was frozen.
(and apparently I need to wax my face.  Or perhaps I should leave it for insulation for winter running?  And is that a snotsicle?)

Good news:  It did warm up a little more.  By the afternoon we were up to 10!  It felt practically balmy out there after my first venture out in the morning.  So I layered back up and headed out.  Ten degrees is doable.  Cold to be sure, but doable.
I would share a picture of how beautiful the frozen fields and hills that I ran through were, but my phone froze.
As did my water bottles.

But hey, 14 miles done!

I'll have to work on my treadmill aversion next week when it's supposed to get really cold.  Oh goodie.



fancy nancy said...

Oh my word!!! Yeah I would say if it's cold enough to make your eye lashes freeze like that then it is time to head in! Kudos to you for not giving in though and waiting for the thaw!!

Kelly Halverson said...

You need a gaiter for your face. You breath into it and it keeps things from freezing. I made my own last year - if you can sew it's easy, just sew a piece of fleece into a tube.

Catey said...

Sadly that is what froze stiff half a mile in!