Thursday, November 15, 2012

Head's Up

I have totally fallen off the face of the blogosphere...apparently that ninth kid finally pushed me over that threshold of being able to juggle things as well as I used to.  Or something like that.

But I felt it my duty to inform you of the following:

Just because your 2yr old is obsessed with Blue's Clues and he is oblivious to anything else going on when that fabulous blue dog is within sight does not mean that the Blue's Clues method (turn it on when you need him occupied for a minute) is foolproof.

Case in point-The Blue's Clues method failed me this morning when I attempted to pee without company.  In slightly over 100 seconds my very inquisitive toddler managed to climb on to the counter, insert the tea kettle in the microwave, and send it for a spin.  In a feat of irony, he didn't just hit cook, he managed to cook the thing on the beverage setting.  I don't think I even knew our microwave had a beverage setting.

Microwaves do not like tea kettles.

(Don't worry honey, the microwave still works.  And the kettle handle only caught fire a little bit so the melting is minimal and it will still work just fine as well.)

(Oh, and just to clarify, no we don't drink tea, we just use the kettle for boiling water.  We are big into hot cocoa.)


Rheanna said...

Needed that laugh this morning! And it was the laugh of "glad it didn't happen to me today" and of "that's just like when my kid....when I thought they were watching tv" :o) By the way, how dare you think you get 2 minutes in the bathroom by yourself!

Anonymous said...

My 2 year old is into climbing and getting into everything in the kitchen lately. And spices, he LOVES to dump out spices! lol I am due with number 9 in less then for 4 and I already feel like I can't keep up on...anything. ~sigh~ Glad your microwave is ok :-)